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Preston Miller, TDA Coach

I’ve been a dance coach for almost 20 years and have coached ballerinas, contemporary dancers, modern dancers, hip hop dancers, broadway performers, actresses, and athletes. I’ve seen thousands of dancers grow up to hit their dreams of being a dancer and I’ve seen even more hit dreams that dance led them to. Throughout the journey I’ve helped parents raising dancers navigate the path from generating scholarships and negotiating first contracts, to basic technical training. I love dance, and I love what it does for us all and I’d love to share that with you.


What People say

Jill & Brigid Walker

Jill & Brigid Walker (mom & daughter)

Royal Ballet School

“Brigid meeting Preston was our gamechanger. He was her daily coach in the studio, advisor on summer programs, private training, and made leverage to create a full scholarship to the Royal Ballet School. He’s forever our guy!”

Sofiane Sylve

Sofiane Sylve

Principal Ballerina, San Francisco Ballet

“Preston is an amazing person to have in your corner. His vast understanding of different dance worlds offers a great perspective. There aren’t a lot of great coaches left, but Preston gets it!”

Jacqueline Green

Jacqueline Green

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

“Preston has always been one of my closest advisors but when TDA Coach gets in the studio, something special happens! He’s helped me mature my dancing, negotiate a raise, and view my career from a position of power. Nothing but love!”

Elizabeth _ Avery Gay

Elizabeth & Avery Gay (mom & daughter)

America’s Got Talent, SYTYCD

I am so thankful my daughter has connected with Preston Miller.  He has given Avery solutions to correcting ballet technique and a new way of thinking when it comes to improving her movement.  If she is having difficulty executing a portion of choreography he swoops in and makes adjustments that are result oriented. He thinks outside the box and does whatever it takes to help Avery have an A-Ha moment

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Every dance parent that I’ve ever met says they wish there was a guide to help them know they’re “doing it right”.

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