There’s something special that happens when you become a parent (or so I’m told).

There’s something scary that happens when you become a dance parent, unless of course you’ve already been a professional dancer and know EXACTLY what to do. There’s such little information out there about how to raise a dancer. I’ve heard parents say that asking ballet teachers or studio owners for advice about life decisions like college vs. company or changing training regimens leaves them often with more questions than answers.

On the journey to finding clear information one of your biggest hurdles to overcome will be dance parents. Dance parents can be overly competitive, narcissistic, and overall scary. The worst part is that in your local studio or training situation the crazy dance parents can look like they get all of the opportunities or have access to all of the information. Hopefully this post can help balance some things out for you when it comes to dealing with the crazy things that can pop up with dealing with dance parents.


Discussing any opinion on any other kid outside of your own with another adult automatically makes you a crazy dance parent.

You’re not a participant in this field. You’re a parent. Stay focused on your kid. It’s petty when the kids get distracted and start focusing on others instead of themselves. It’s TERRIBLE when parents do it. Athletically we’re our best when we’re motivated by each other’s successes but siloed in our focus. Artistically we’re our best when we’re so lost in our own imagination and creations that we don’t realize what others are doing until they stop to show us. Don’t be a looker or a critic constantly having an opinion about anybody else but YOUR DANCER.


Be flattered when other parents talk smack about you or imitate your decisions.

It’s easy to be protective over your entire process as a dance parent. Don’t… you’re raising a kid that is constantly growing. The decisions you make when they’re 12 are one and done and will never be relevant again. Give away the information you can so that others can make informed decisions. If you have a parent that’s irritating you with how they’re mirroring you try to discuss it with them. They probably just need help and think that you’re doing something right. That’s awesome. Avoid confrontations with other dance parents. You’re all just raising kids trying to do the best that you can.


Teach you kids to handle their own conflicts

This is self explanatory and based entirely on how you think someone should resolve conflicts. Teach your kids what you think is strong conflict resolution as a HUMAN BEING and encourage them to take those lessons into their dance environments. This will make the biggest difference in your childs life!

You can always reach out to me for help on specific things. Raising a kid is hard! Raising a dancer is even harder! I hope these tips help you on your journey!