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Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

7:00pm – 9:00pm


Every blog and dance magazine has a list of the best summer programs in the world. Every parent knows that what’s good for one student might not be good for another, so how do you cut through the jargon and find YOUR dancer’s program? In this 90-minute LIVE class, we’ll take a deep dive into understanding how Summer Programs fit into a dancer’s training and which ones are worth your time.

Classical Ballet Summer Programs are different than Contemporary Summer Programs and if your dancer prefers one over the other then this class is for you! Which programs are worth your time? How do you prep your dancer to thrive away from home? How can you use your Summer Training Program as an opening to something bigger and better than what your regular training can offer? We’ll dive into all of this and more!


In this class we’ll be covering:

The Summer Program Spreadsheet and how it helps your life

What are the best Summer Programs for different types of dancers

How can you get great value without going broke

Preparing your dancer to thrive away from home


Every dance parent that I’ve ever met says they wish there was a guide to help them know they’re “doing it right”.

That’s why I wrote this and I hope it helps you on the journey! Enjoy my free E-Book!

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